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Website Translation

If we take into consideration that the distances are gradually shortening and that we live in a globalised world, website translations become essential.

We are in the digital age. For this reason, more and more companies promote themselves creating websites to announce their products and services. The size of the company does not matter; the important thing is to be able to reach clients in a simple and massive way. It has been shown that using new technologies and incorporating a website increases the sales in businesses.

Website translation has countless benefits for companies. For example:

  • The audience of the website multiplies, since it welcomes users in other languages
  • The company opens up to new markets at an affordable price
  • The users tend to be more willing to buy if the content is in their language
  • The clients spend more time reading the website, so the purchase probabilities increase
  • It improves the SEO positioning of the website, so that it appears in the first positions of the search results on the main search engines.
  • It lends an international projection to the website
  • It is an essential requirement to reach company internationalisation and commercial expansion.

French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, ... Individuals and companies translate their websites into many languages to reach a greater number of users.

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