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Sworn Translation

Sworn translation is also called official translation, certified translation or public translation, depending on the countries. This type of translation is carried out by a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), the Generalitat of Catalonia or the competent authorities in the translator’s origin country. 

Sworn translation grants a legal status, similar to a notary’s deed. This is an official translation and it is signed and sealed by a sworn translator, so it has legal validity before official institutions. A distinguishing feature is that it is submitted in paper form and it has the sworn translator’s certification attached.

At Traducciones MagicWords we carry out sworn translations of every type of documents, from general texts to more specialised ones. For example: powers of attorney, lease-hold contracts, birth certificates, financial reports, administrative forms, articles of incorporation of a company, diplomas, degrees, academic certificates, criminal record certificates, driving licences, medical certificates. 

What format should the translation have?
Regulations do not demand to keep the format of the original text. The translator is free to keep the format of the original document or to choose a more simple and schematic format. Naturally, when the format is similar to the original document’s, it helps to a great extent regarding the understanding, reading and comparison of the sworn translation.

What is a sworn translator?
A sworn translator or interpreter is an official translator, who can grant legal validity to a translation. He is authorised to certify that the content of the translations is true to the original documents.

Nowadays, the sworn translator has obtained an important role in our society due to the current situation. Free market, globalisation, the internationalisation of companies, labour migration, etcetera, create a great demand for sworn translations.

Our services
Our sworn translation services have national and international range in the following languages: 

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