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Text editing and proofreading

We offer text editing and proofreading services to ensure a perfect adaptation of your texts. Sometimes it is necessary to proofread written texts to make sure that the language is being used correctly and that there are no spelling, typographical or style mistakes.

The correction of spelling, typography and style are not the same. The first two not only correct spelling, but also typography, grammar and standardises the text from a formal point of view. However, the third one aims to give the text accuracy, expressiveness and richness in order to obtain clear writing and allow fluid reading. 

An improvement obtained by correcting spelling and typography, apart from creating a mistake-free text, is adapting spelling to the rules established by the Real Academia Española (Spanish Royal Academy). In the latter case, we mean the use of abbreviations, accents, symbols, capital letters, etcetera. However, with style editing we correct lexical mistakes, eliminate repetitions to obtain richness of expression, correct involuntary ambiguities, reformulate confusing sentences, correct gaps in sentences and, in a nutshell, everything that helps harmonise the text.   

We edit and proofread texts in any language you need: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, English, Arabic...

If you are interested in our proofreading and editing services, do not hesitate to request a quote by sending an e-mail to info@traduccionesmagicwords.com or calling +34 629 276 338.