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Translation Prices and Rates

Direct and reverse translations

Catalan, Valencian
0.05 €
Italian, English, French
0.06 €
0.07 €

Official sworn translations

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Prices per word of original document, VAT not included

Surcharge for specialised translations: + 0.01, + 0.02 or + 0.03 Euros.

Direct translation is translation from any language into Spanish.

Reverse translation is translation from Spanish into another language.

Other language combinations are translations in which neither of the languages is Spanish (e.g. Portuguese into French). Request a free quote.



Request information on your project for free, and with no obligation. Use our email address or telephone to contact us and thereby make your request.

Send us the material to be translated and we will provide you with a quote as quickly as possible. Shortly afterwards we will send a response with the detailed information: the quote for the requested project, the estimated timescale, the information needed for drafting the contract, etc.

Payment method

We only work with bank transfers, so we will provide you with an account number to which the payment can be made.


The minimum delivery deadline for a translation is 3 or 4 days, depending on the size of the project and the language combinations.

However, if you require the translation urgently, we will do everything we can to adapt to your requirements.

In any case, we will indicate the delivery time required for your translation project when we send you the quote.