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Legal translation

Legal translation consists of translating documents of legal nature from one language into another. These texts can have a public nature: documents issued by an Administration or public institution, or private nature, such as those from private companies. Linguistically, they are difficult products to define, since they depend on the culture and sociological context of each country. 

The professional legal translator must have academic training in Law or a Master’s Degree specialised in this subject, with the purpose of properly translating the legal concepts into another language.  For this reason, some of our translators are foreign lawyers registered in the Bar Associations of their countries.

These are some of the legal documents:

  • Articles of association and deeds of incorporation of companies
  • Agreements between companies or individuals
  • Import/Export agreements
  • Sale and financial agreements
  • Annual reports and auditing reports
  • Public documents and powers of attorney
  • Patent applications
  • Work-related documents
  • Legal or arbitration proceedings
  • Appeals and court orders, actions and judgements
  • Wills
  • Insurance policies, expert’s reports

And in general, any legal or financial text which involves the creation of rights and obligations for a certain party.

Are Sworn Translation and Legal Translation the same?
The answer is no. Any translator who has sufficient knowledge or adequate training in this subject can do legal translation. However, Sworn translations can only be done, signed and sealed by sworn translators, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, since they are like notary publics who certify the accuracy of the translations.

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