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Medical Translation

Traducciones MagicWords provides a medical translation service for patients and medical professionals, being aware that accuracy and reliability are essential factors, as this is very sensitive information.

Health and medical translation is a specialised translation, which requires the control of specific knowledge and a thorough use of the languages. For example, the translation of a medical report, helps the patient understand the illnesses he has; also, the translation of an informed consent is essential for the patient to be aware of the risks of surgery. For this reason, mistakes and inaccuracies are absolutely prohibited in medical translation.

This type of translation has also a fundamental role nowadays. Most publications, documents and communications are in English, so medical translators specialised in this subject are required in order to help spread the message.

The range of documents which a medical translator can translate is very wide: medical records, articles for scientific magazines, popular science publications, medical insurances, clinical trials, patient leaflets of a drug, analysis, informed consents, preventive health care, diets for patients, patient leaflets, medical expert’s reports, results of clinical trials, etcetera.

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